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Teresa Merriman

"By my mid-twenties, I had experimented with a multitude of media, including photography, drawing, woodworking, metal-smithing, painting and other affairs -- all with the intent of becoming a professional artist. After these wondrous, short-lived art-flings faded wayward, I felt like a talentless failure adrift in a sea of exhausted efforts. I wrote about my struggles in my journal, just as I have habitually done with any other matter in my life, since a very young age. My eyes widened with the irony when I realized the answer had been right in front of me all along! I began following yet another passion and I taught myself yet another skill: bookbinding. Since 2005, I have continued to advance my abilities in this craft and, to my utter delight, I have come to understand that all that time “failing” with other mediums has actually enriched my life both as an artist and as a human being. After all, what is it to live if one does not wonder? And what is it to have wonders if one does not dare to live them? Presently, I am fueled by the thought that fascination drives us all; that journals are our bona fide tag-alongs on this excursion of life; and that my role as a bookbinder is relevant in the anthropology of our instinctual story-telling tendencies."

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