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Carol Gaczek

Carol received her formal training at The DuCret School of the Arts in New Jersey. She also studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Drew University, and Caldwell College. Her focus today is on classes in design, pottery, and architectural ceramics. Crystals are actually grown in this special glaze process, making not only the piece unique but the process as well. Carol works to achieve the proper combination of chemicals in the glaze formula, application, and firing cycle. Crystals will form in the molten glass glaze if these variables are just right yet the outcome remains unpredictable allowing the element of surprise and creation of a truly one of a kind work of art each time Carol loads her kiln. Also, the unique designs and textures on each piece are derived from stamps that she designs and carves herself along with other objects from everyday life that become interesting utensils for texture and imprints. "Clay offers me the perfect medium to combine 2-dimensional ideas with my extensive experience and understanding of design, illustration, color palette development, and texture work to create individual pieces of ceramic art. Watching an idea transform into a tangible object before my very eyes is one of the greatest joys of working in clay."

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