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David & Danna Cuin

Complementary skills and know-how is what makes the partnership of David & Danna Cuin work in producing art glass of many kinds. The route to those skills, however, has not been predictable or direct. A science degree, early training as an architect, and a wide range of experience in the construction industry brought David Cuin's career to a leading position in the technology and development of surfaces for sport in both Britain and the U.S. The arts held no place until mid-life, when, acting on a longtime love of watercolor, Cuin took up the medium in 1982. Nearing retirement, he became interested in glass and now watercolor and kiln formed glass are his chosen means of expression. Danna Cuin's career in technical training with a major corporation culminated in her heading a countrywide training organization tasked with keeping the big switches, which route the nation's telecommunications staffed by responsible and knowledgeable people. Stained glass became her artistic medium before she retired which has since been supplemented with kiln forming as another medium for expression. Danna teaches both glass art forms. The skills of handling, cutting and patterning glass; color and texture selection; the technology of materials; a bent for experimentation and development; and the design and composition talents of a watercolorist combine well in David & Danna's partnership. Their glasswork is original and innovative, frequently crossing the boundaries of the divisions in glass art.

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