Mandy Henebry


Pottery by Mandy Henebry

“The work I create is designed to suggest purpose and engage curiosity and interest through patterns and form. I look at design elements in everyday life such as a textile patterns or beautifully decorated home. I then contemplate over how I can incorporate visual beauty into my work through texture, colored slips, sgraffito, and stenciling by adding those elements to graceful forms.

Influences and inspiration come largely from nature and the repetitive geometric patterns that can occur in nature. Having grown up on a farm in Wyoming, my childhood memories of vast fields of grain flowing in the wind and colorful flowers growing in my grandmother’s gardens define a large portion of my surface design and color pallet. I am also drawn to the clean crisp lines and the precision of a digitally created image and the endless possibilities technology continues to play in the world of ceramics. Being able to explore the three-dimensional world of nature and intertwining it with a two-dimensional geometric surface is crucial to my creativity.

Utility is important when creating my new works. We all have an inherent understanding of functionality which is why form cannot be dismissed: perfecting the curve on a mug to nestle in your hand as you drink your morning coffee or shaping the bowl to hold the perfect amount of bread dough proves the importance of utility. I enjoy forms that fulfill specific purposes such as a salt cellar, nesting bowls, canisters, platters and mugs. With form, clay gives itself focus and the element of purpose. I design pots that I would enjoy using in my own home.”

Mandy Henebry

Mandy currently works as a full-time studio potter in Castle Rock, Colorado and teaches classes at the Castle Rock Recreational Center.

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