Marilyn Hammar

Mixed Media – Gourd Art

“I am an artist, writer and designer inspired by the world around me.

From an early age, I was always doing some form of art. If I had a pencil or crayon in my hand I was drawing something.  My love of old rusty things, nature, wood and history kept me out of the house searching for treasures on our Kansas farm.  Nature and things that were old and rusty have always fascinated me. 

By the time I was 17 I had discovered fabric and design.  While still a teenager I started my first home cottage business designing and making casual clothing, formal gowns and wedding dresses.  I look back now and wonder if I would ask an 18 year old to design and make my wedding dress.

My love of fabric and my faithful Singer sewing machine have seen me through many other creative adventures.  In my early twenties I had my first two children followed by 2 adopted sons twelve years later.  It was then I began designing and making children’s clothing, blankets and even fitted cloth diapers.  I did this until my son and daughter were in school. 

Once they were in school I had lots of free time so I opened another cottage home business.  I was making custom draperies and designing furniture for people building their second homes in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado.  The furniture design and upholstery work seemed to come naturally to me.

 I have always done my most creative designing in the middle of the night.  When ideas start to flow, I’m out of bed and heading to my studio.  Finally I have a studio in an adjacent building attached to our home.  Even though my husband has never complained about my strange habits, I’m sure he gets more sleep now.

In my late twenties my creative right-brain processing really blossomed.  From that point on I have found the faith to believe in myself and my artistic abilities.  No matter what media I am working in I have the courage to go outside the normal box and use of artistic materials.  Not all of my artistic experiments work but I sure have fun trying.

I added teaching to my artistic endeavors a few years ago and found that I enjoy sharing my love of art with others.

Art is my playground, my escape and my joy when life’s darker sides are lurking around.  I still occasionally dabble in weaving, spinning yarn, basket making, oil painting, water color painting, sculptures and stained glass projects.  For the moment my passion is in my gourd art and designing jewelry. “

Marilyn Hammar lives in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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