Arlyss Grosz

Sculptures of Fused Glass Aspen Trees

Fused Glass Aspen Sculptures by Arlyss Grosz
Arlyss Grosz at The Evergreen Gallery

Fused glass artist, Arlyss Grosz is known for her interpretation of the Colorado landscape translated into glass.  The 3D glass aspen trees are characterized as eclectic and vibrant in color. 

She retired in Colorado following a career in health care and higher education. While drawing, painting and forming objects from various media had always been a hobby, it was not until retirement that Arlyss found the necessary time to concentrate on her preferred medium… glass.

Arlyss studied with local, regional and national glass artists. She works in her own home studio where she produces a wide variety of fused, kiln-formed and cast glass. Invitational and juried shows have displayed this artwork as well as private collections throughout the U.S.  The Denver Art Museum gift shop is the only other place that currently displays Arlyss’s sculptures.

Arlyss Grosz lives in Longmont, Colorado.

Sculpture Options

Are you interested in purchasing a piece of Arlyss Grosz’s work? We can ship to you.

However, please keep in mind that Arlyss is moving toward retirement and slowing down her production at this time. We have limited pieces.

Please email the gallery with your request and details. We will email photos of current pieces. You can choose from nightlights, cheese boards, and standing glass aspen tree sculptures. Occasionally, flowers or holiday series and other creative, unique items are available.

To make this quicker and easier to send you photos of what you are looking for, we want to know what your price point is, the colors you’re interested in, and the style.

A variety of choices are often available, with many price options.
The nightlights are $36- $38.
The cheese boards range in the $45-$60 range and make great house warming gifts.
Sculptures range from $55-$800.
Lanterns with four panels are usually $250. Very few, if any, are being made by Arlyss anymore.

Yellow, green, orange, red, clear trees or a mix of four seasons?

Wave, flat panel or a curve?

Each sculpture has a different dimension … they generally go from 4 inches tall to 20 inches tall, sometimes taller.
The width can range from 4 inches to 20 inches.

Arlyss’ glass aspen trees come in flat panels, or with curves such as a wave, convex or concave.
The flat panels can be a circle, square, diamond or a rectangle.
The sculptures can be open between the aspen tree trunks to see through, or with a solid panel of glass in the background.
The tops can be smooth glass, or with the frit, or “leaves” as texture above the panel.

Each piece from this artist is one-of-a-kind. We are not able to keep up a website with a shopping cart for her, as they go quickly and rarely are two exactly alike! The gallery tends to sell several every day, especially on busy weekends. They go quickly!

Fused Glass Aspen Sculptures by Arlyss Grosz
Fused Glass Aspen Sculptures by Arlyss Grosz
Fused Glass Aspen Sculptures by Arlyss Grosz
Cheese board by Arlyss Grosz
Cheese board by Arlyss Grosz
Fused Glass Night light
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