Prints and Stationery from Local Artists

The gallery has a very nice selection of prints, cards, magnets, small notepads, etc. from local artists.

To learn more about each artist and see samples of their work, click on the artist name below:

Nikolo Balkanski – Oil Paintings and Prints

Kathy Beekman – Chuckle and Chortle Stationery

Melissa Behr – Handmade painted cards and games

Dori Bergman – Greeting Cards

Brooke Connor – Illustration/Drawing

Hannah Jensen – Acrylic Brushwork and Prints

Julie Leidel – Colorado Themed Prints

Amy Love – Handmade Cards and Wall Art

Ellen Nelson – Photography Prints and Card Stationery Sets

Susan Peppel – Real Pressed Flower Art Greeting Cards

Joyce Shelton – Whimsical Art Cards

Amy Wright Photography Cards

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