Brooke Connor

Whimsical Animal Illustration Artist

Brooke Connor is a whimsical animal illustration artist. She uses primarily Copic Markers to create eye-popping representations of all kinds of animals. Copic markers are alcohol based, so they are kind of like watercolors, in that they can be transparent and can be blended. However, in a way, they are much easier to control than watercolors.

Brooke’s drawings start out with a pencil sketch, followed by an ink outline, and then layers of colors are added and subtracted. Layering is what separates basic “coloring” from art. The pencil sketches start out semi-realistic so that the animal is recognizable and familiar. And then it all goes downhill from there.

All of Brooke’s designs are from original animal illustrations using an arsenal of over 225 differently colored markers and her imagination.

Brooke Connor lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Most of Brooke’s current illustrations are available at this gallery as wall pieces, matted prints and cards at our gallery. Wall prints come in canvas and aluminum metal. Any of the images can be ordered as wall prints.

  • Watermarks, or copyright marks, will not be on prints. These words are embedded into the online images to give Brooke credit on any files downloaded or shared without the artist’s permission. Please ask before sharing, as this can result in copyright infringement. This goes for all artists. They spend a lot of time on their work, please give them all credit and do not “borrow” images. Thanks for respecting our artists and their talents.
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