Carol Baum

Makin’ Time Computer Art Clocks

Carol Baum has been creating computer art clocks since 1995; the first one was a going away gift for a retiring chief engineer at a video production studio in the Maryland/DC area. The rave reviews and additional commissions prompted a friend, Cynthia Goldner and Baum the originator, to further test the market. Subsequently, MAKIN’ TIME Computer Art Clocks was born.

Baum is self-taught; exploring mixed media since childhood. Her outside-the-box creativity and personal values to help care for the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling made MAKIN’ TIME a perfect venture.

MAKIN’ TIME Computer Art Clocks are individually handcrafted high-tech timepieces. Most one-of-a-kind clocks utilize vintage, surplus, scrap components and media with a heaping infusion of color and re-configuration. Elements include a CD or hard drive platter as the clock face and a circuit board as the background. Other models are crafted from pocket or mini CDs, floppy disks, and more.

Each clock offers a whimsical view of our rapidly changing technology, preserving it as art rather than landfill. In addition to their functionality they help contribute to the overall recycling effort by utilizing obsolete, discarded or surplus computer components.

MAKIN’ TIME clocks are currently available at more than 20 galleries and shops nationwide including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Carol Baum lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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