Chapin Dimond

Jewelry Designer

  • Boulder Flatirons Pendant

​Metalsmithing is the process of telling stories through metal.  Each piece is forced to life by Chapin Dimond’s spirit and fire, releasing the inner essence of the metal. Art is not only a product, it is the process of creation – expressing life, capturing moments, and preserving and making memories.  Each piece tells a story of blending natural elements together to capture nature’s expression.

Chapin’s jewelry skill development began in 2002 funded by grants from Arts Science Knowledge Grants from Impact on Education Foundation Partnership.  Chapin had the privilege of apprenticing with jeweler, Kit Hollingshead from 2002-2010.   

In May, 2009, he graduated with a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from Metropolitan State College of  Denver. 

After receiving his BFA he has worked for different jewelers in the Boulder area and continually develops his skills.
In 2017 he began teaching workshops at the Boulder Metalsmithing Association and other venues.

Chapin Dimond currently lives in Louisville, Colorado and is the current silversmith behind the Evergreen Angel jewelry collection.
C’d Fire ~ C’d Magic

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