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Nature-Inspired Copper Jewelry

Renowned for her acid-etched designs, Gale Schadewald creates wearable art that intricately portrays the wonders of the natural world.

Copper-etched earrings in purple by Gale Schadewald
Copper-etched earrings. Jewelry made by Gale Schadewald.

Explore her organic world of copper jewelry, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of nature.

GaleForce Design Jewelry goes beyond personal style; it unveils the beauty of emotions. It is functional art that allows you to connect with authentic feelings. Jewelry should not only make you feel good by looking great on you, but it should also make your heart feel good. Gale firmly believes in wearing jewelry that genuinely brings you joy.

Time and time again, wearers express how my creations instill confidence, uniqueness, beauty, and a sense of being special. They evoke joyful memories and emotions. This is achieved through bold designs, employing high-quality materials and vibrant colors that symbolize elements of nature. Each piece resonates with your true self—powerful, strong, and beautiful. Nature, in its untouched splendor, serves as a reminder of your innate strength and beauty.

A selection of nature-inspired copper-etched jewelry at the Evergreen Gallery. Made by Gale Schadewald.
A selection of nature-inspired copper acid-etched jewelry at the Evergreen Gallery. Made by Gale Schadewald.

GaleForce Design Jewelry is not limited to a specific gender. Many of her designs are gender-neutral, and she offers custom creations for everyone. For men, her handcrafted jewelry allows you to connect with nature and embrace your own power, strength, and courage!


Please handle your GaleForce Design bracelet with the same care as other cherished pieces of jewelry. It’s advisable to keep it away from water, lotions, sprays, cleaners, perfumes, abrasives, and similar substances to maintain its quality and longevity. The bracelet is coated with a protective metal sealer, which helps safeguard it against tarnishing and ensures its long-lasting beauty.

Drawing Inspiration from the Heart of Nature

As a child, I spent countless hours exploring the enchanting woods and serene lake near my home. I observed the intricate details of plants, flowers, trees, and animals, marveling at their ability to thrive in specific environments. Turtles, frogs, minnows, lightning bugs, dragonflies and butterflies became my childhood friends and remain my greatest sources of inspiration in crafting jewelry. Nature-inspired designs hold a special place in my heart, reflecting the unique beauty of our environment.

Gale Schadewald catching bubbles outside

“Growing up as a spirited tomboy, I never had an affinity for jewelry. However, the art of metalsmithing changed my world forever. The fusion of my passion for hands-on craftsmanship and artistic creation transformed me. And with the added allure of working with torches, GaleForce Design Jewelry was born—an endeavor I wholeheartedly embraced.” – Gale Schadewald

Gale in her Fort Collins, Colorado studio wearing protective gear.

Gale wearing protective mask in her studio while making jewelry.
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