Jim Klingman

Functional Pottery

Jim Klingman is local Colorado potter who specializes in functional pottery. He has owned and operated his own clay studio in Northern Colorado since 1979. In other words, he’s been able to use stunning color schemes and forms that make for very memorable creations that many have come to love, and even collect, for over 40 years. He went to graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado and studied under Nan and Jim McKinnell.

Klingman’s pottery is fully functional for every day use, meaning it is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Because of this, his pottery is perfect as gifts for loved ones, or for yourself!

Jim currently lives in Greeley, Colorado.

Mug by Jim Klingman
Lidded Jar by Jim Klingman
Bowl by Jim Klingman

“The general focus of my work for the last thirty plus years has been function and form. It is important to me that the pots I make work well and are a joy to use, both physically and aesthetically, it won’t do to have a beautiful teapot that won’t pour well. It is important to me that people use my pots in their every day lives and, in this way, our lives will be somewhat entwined and enriched. I enjoy how many people tell me that they have coffee with me every morning.” -Jim Klingman

Klingman working in his studio in Greeley, Colorado.

“Nearly all of my work is thrown on a wheel and made of porcelain. I enjoy the white clay, it’s translucency and how it interacts with glazes. Much of my inspiration comes from historical and contemporary ceramics, nature, and technique. I find that one technique is developed from another and keeps my work fresh and exciting to me. My hope is that the pots I make invite use and that my pleasure in making them will be shared by those who use them.” -Jim Klingman

Teabowl by Jim Klingman
Vase by Jim Klingman
Teapot by Jim Klingman
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