Jon Koenigsberg

Kinetic Metal Mobiles

As an artist, I have created paintings, drawings and most recently, mobiles. When I make a mobile, each element is pushed to the point where it is most unstable and most dynamic…almost to the point of failure.

Only when the elements have reached their most unstable point does the artwork take on a sense of wonder – a sense of effortless suspension in space.

Working with copper to create a mobile, I know that the laws of physics are
absolute, that the wire can support only so much, yet a mobile can give the
illusion that perhaps these laws can be broken or stretched.

The beginning of creating a mobile is the visualization of the individual
pieces, and the movement that comes from the sum of these parts. I
consider a piece to be finished when it elegantly balances itself against
gravity while conveying movement, both implied and real.

When people see my work, I invite them to touch them, to make them
move. One of the greatest delights I have is watching each person be filled
with a sense of wonder as they make the mobiles move.

The copper mobiles are quite sturdy, and can be hung outdoors. The green patina will only increase in intensity with time. Gentle breezes will make them come alive.

If hung indoors, the natural convective currents will subtly move the mobile.

Jon Koenigsberg lives in Pine, Colorado.

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