Karen Morris

Folk Art Woodworking – Wall Stories and Birdhouses

Karen Morris grew up in Southern California and received an Associate of Arts degree at Ventura Junior College in Ventura, CA and a Bachelor of Arts degree in northern California at California State University, Chico.  Her interest in working with wood, though, began when she used to help her father in the garage refinishing furniture or just building things.  She also took a couple of woodworking classes as a sideline in junior college as well, which started her process into creating wall stories which show her whimsical side and love of color.  

Karen’s wall stories are created from scratch – from the 1 X 2 pine frames and the chipboard backing with colorful glued tissue paper, to the plywood cutout pieces to make up the subject inside the frames.  She uses a scroll saw, and a belt sander mostly to get the pieces ready and then paint them.  After painting, the pieces are then sanded, stained and then attached within the frames. She hopes these whimsical and colorful pieces bring a smiley feeling to you.

Wall Story of two cats and a ball of yarn in a wood panel
Folk Art Mona Lisa by Karen Morris


Karen also makes quirky, whimsical and incredibly fun birdhouses! They are generally made out of pine wood. Recycled materials are added when available. Acrylic paint, a variety of spray paints, and stains are then used to finish the houses. They are non-toxic when dry.

All of the birdhouses are designed to be functional. Each one has drainage, ventilation, and a way to remove the top or back for cleaning.

Karen lives in Centennial, Colorado and has been part of The Evergreen Gallery for many years.

Raccoon Birdhouse made from wood by Karen Morris
Moose Birdhouse made from wood by Karen Morris
Cat face Birdhouse made from wood by Karen Morris
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