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Original Evergreen Goldsmiths Jewelry Collection by Nancy Travis

  • Heart of the Rockies Pendant
    Heart of the Rockies Pendant
  • Heart of the Rockies pendants in small, medium and large.
    Heart of the Rockies pendants in small, medium and large.
  • Evergreen Elk Silver Pendant Necklace
    Evergreen Elk Pendant
  • Evergreen Elk Pendants in two sizes
    Evergreen Elk
  • Evergreen Elk Pendant
    Evergreen Elk Pendant

   “Since studying art and metalsmithing in college, I have been fortunate to make my living as a jewelry designer. While owning Evergreen Goldsmiths on the historic Main Street, I went into a new direction of creating a Rocky Mountain themed pendant collection. Interpreting the many sights and feelings of living in the Colorado mountains became a new aesthetic for me. There is always a “model” to inspire me, such as the elk in our front yard, the aspens quaking overhead, and the deer with their babies. I’m still looking forward to finding new inspirations.

My husband, Walt, and I together designed the Heart of the Rockies pendant. It represents our love and inspiration of the presence of the Colorado mountains.” This mountain heart necklace has become a well-loved iconic symbol of the Colorado mountains.

Nancy has retired from owning her retail space, Evergreen Goldsmiths, but is continuing to create jewelry. You can find most of her work in our gallery now. The designs available include the Bugling Elk, Heart of the Rockies, Quaking Aspen Leaves, Perfect Snowflakes and the Hummingbird. More designs are on the way. Nancy’s rocky mountain themed designs come in sterling silver, 14K gold and 14K white gold.

Shipping is available for this jewelry collection. Please contact the gallery for more information.

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