Peter Karner

Functional Ceramic Pottery

Peter Karner Pottery
Peter Karner Pottery

Peter Karner. Photo by Howard Korn

“Working full-time, I produce six bodies of work a year.  Each body of work offers me the opportunity to explore new ideas and refine existing ones.  I’m intrigued by the marriage of form and decoration.  In striving to integrate these in each pot, I have the opportunity to create work that is both timeless and modern.”

Photo by Howard Korn.

The Work

“I work with stoneware.  My pots are thrown, thrown and altered, or hand-built.  To achieve visual depth in my patterns, I employ five elements.  Four of these–wax resist, latex, dipping, and brushwork–are applied to bisqued pots.  The pots are then high-fired in a heavy reduction atmosphere with the intent of trapping carbon in the base glaze.  It is trapped carbon that is the fifth and random element.  Each pot is designed to serve a functional purpose and is compatible with modern appliances.”  – Peter Karner

Studio Images

Peter lives in Denver, Colorado.

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