Ruthann Mazé

Functional and Decorative Ceramics

Ruthann Mazé is a local Colorado potter and painter who specializes in both functional and decorative ceramics. She first learned her craft in Banff, Canada over 45 years ago and now works full time in Boulder, CO. Mazé has a background in ceramics and has developed a technique which integrates the art of clay with rice paper ink paintings. The clay forms she uses are glazed, fired, and overlaid with a rice paper painting which she seals using a durable UV protectant lacquer.

Mazé’s aim is to explore a more modern and durable presentation of the traditioned Ink on rice paper style. It is an art form that is ancient, and holds up after hundreds of years. In her work, Mazé juxtaposes elements of the old with a new contemporary feeling. Not bound by any school of painting, she can be fresher and more intuitive with her subjects and process.

Functional Ceramics- Jars and Vases by Ruthann Mazé
Ceramic Vases and Jars by Ruthann Mazé
Ceramic Flower Frogs by Ruthann Mazé

Ruthann’s Comments on Her Work

Done with bamboo brushes, Sumi-e brushwork is Mazé’s method of choice. She says, “When I place a stroke, it is a deliberate statement; there is no fussing. The stroke reveals if it is hesitant, unsure, or reckless… it has to be just right. Consequently, a mental readiness and a spirit of enthusiasm need to be reached before I can begin to paint. If the artist doesn’t have the proper state of mind, the strokes are weak. My paintings, then, reflect how I feel—they convey a balanced state of mind. Quiet, empty space; controlled but spontaneous strokes; vibrant colors, textures, and patterns… everything is there. Created with joy, my paintings evoke the same.”

CARE: All of Ruthann Mazé’s vases hold water. You can clean the lacquered areas by wiping with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid submerging the entire piece under water for any length of time.

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