Susan Peppel

Stained Glass Artist

Susan Peppel is a local Colorado artist who specializes in mountain themed stained glass. She started her art journey in 1971 with making jewelry. After a few years of making and selling her jewelry, she began to learn how to make stained glass windows. Her jewelry store completely evolved into a stained glass store in 1980. She’s always wanted to be an artist, and this has become her way of expressing art.

Susan makes glass window decorations, clocks, boxes, candle holders, night lights, card holders, mezuzahs, and many, many more creations. She also loves taking requests and prides herself on being so customizable. Her favorite part about her work is creating beautiful pieces for someone’s home. She enjoys the whole process of creating a custom piece or gift for someone to appreciate in their daily life.

Stained Glass window panel with aspen trees, by artist Susan Peppel

Susan’s glass panels are in a mountain theme stained glass. When the sun comes through the colors are gorgeous and can often be seen moving through the room.

Stained Glass window panel with aspen trees, moon and mountains by artist Susan Peppel

Susan’s Stained Glass Aspen Leaves are a favorite of our customers for giving as gifts.

Stained Glass Aspen Leaves in Yellow

Stained Glass boxes with real flowers pressed between the glass.

Susan also creates beautiful greeting cards with real pressed flowers.

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