Tim Berglund

Lampworking and Glassblowing Artist

Tim Berglund is an artist who specializes in lampworking and glassblowing. He fulfilled a childhood dream over 20 years ago when finally attempting the art of glass blowing. He first converted the back of his garage into a glass studio, set up his equipment, and began learning.

Tim employs the lampworking process in which rods of borosilicate glass are heated in the flame of the torch and then manipulated to create a variety of glass figurines. He doesn’t use forms or molds to shape his glass items, yet his goal is to make each piece as realistic as possible. Colored glass has been incorporated into his work to help achieve this goal.

The Evergreen Gallery is proud to represent this talented artist and his beautiful glass creations. We have many different options from him available in the gallery. We have a wonderful selection of his glass animals.

Glass Hummingbirds by Tim Berglund, available at The Evergreen Gallery
Glass Elk by Tim Berglund.
Glass Elk by Tim Berglund
Glass Sea Turtles in different colors by Tim Berglund.
Sea Turtles in glass by Tim Berglund
Miniature Orange Glass Pumpkins by Tim Berglund.
Glass Miniature Pumpkins by Tim Berglund
Glass snails by Tim Berglund
Snails by Tim Berglund
Glass Trout by Tim Berglund
Glass Hummingbird by Tim Berglund
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