Tracy Lytle

Wood Carving Art Tiles

Engraved in wood, inspired by nature.

Wood Carving as Aspen Trees
Carved Wood Black Tree with Red Hearts for leaves

Tracy Lytle is a Colorado artist who specializes in wood carvings. She grew up in Arvada, Colorado and is a graduate of the Seattle Art Institute with a degree in Graphic Design. Tracy has experimented with everything from oils on canvas to acrylics on pottery, and intricate designs on furniture from serious rockers to frivolous highchairs.

Tracy met a pottery artist who made beautiful tiles that inspired her to make her own. Instead of working with ceramic, she wanted to try doing the same with wood instead. Years later, she found her niche, and has really grown to love the process of carving wood. Her carved, stained and painted wood tiles can be found on the walls of cabins and estates. Most recently, her tiles have transformed into individual wall hangings emphasizing nature.

Tracy is continuously creating different styles from simple black and white carvings, to more detailed pieces with colorful paintings.

Tracy enjoys exploring and hiking in and around her home in Estes Park, Colorado. The beauty of the outdoors is where she gets most of her inspiration for her work. She also enjoys family time with her husband, Fred, and their two daughters, Sara and Brynn.

Carved Wood Snowflake Design by Tracy Lytle
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