Myan and Jeff Sorensen

Dancing Elk Designs – Naturally-Shed Elk and Deer Antler Jewelry

Watch this video below of Jeff and Myan discuss the process of creating antler jewelry.

Each piece of Dancing Elk Designs jewelry is as unique as the antler from which it is created. Working with naturally shed elk, deer and caribou antler, the artists are able to create a distinctive and individual piece.

Myan and Jeff Sorensen, the couple behind Dancing Elk Designs, have been making unique jewelry from naturally-shed elk and deer antler. Both artists have studied art and explored other mediums. Eventually, in 1989, they settled on the raw material that is so generously available in the 10,000 acres of wilderness in Southern Colorado.

They work from home in separate studios. As a result, each artist explores their own relationship with the antler through the strength of their independent skills and vision. Jeff works with the raw antler, hiking and finding the raw material, cutting, shaping, sanding and burning. Next, Myan brings the polish and finish work to each piece adding her experience with metals and semiprecious stones. Myan never knows what Jeff will cut and Jeff never knows what Myan will do with the sculpted piece. This allows the work to always be spontaneous and artistically satisfying to both artists.

Some of the pieces come in the natural white color, and some have a beautiful bronze color to them. The bronze color comes from taking a torch to the antler to give it a gorgeous toasted color.

Jeff and Myan Sorensen live in Crestone, Colorado.

Ordering Dancing Elk Designs Antler Jewelry

Please feel free to contact the gallery and we can email photos of the current Dancing Elk Designs jewelry selection. Many of our patrons love collecting these lightweight accessories.

Yes, the gallery does ship nationally. Shipping jewelry usually costs $6.95 through USPS.

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