Donna Gordon

Blown-Glass Hearts

Donna Gordon in her glass studio.

Donna Gordon, a Colorado native, decided to follow her passion for creating and abandon her life as an insurance agent after recovering from a serious illness.

Her education in glass began with a lesson in lampwork on New Year’s Eve 1998. However, the real love affair with glass began in October 1999 when she had her first lesson in off-hand glassblowing.

February of 2001 the decision had been made to build her own studio and by April of the same year a location had been secured and the furnace purchased. Donna with the help of her parents then began this labor of love by building the rest of the equipment necessary.

Donna strives for her work to be original and unique. The design of the free-standing hearts and the colorbursts are based on that principle, original and unique. Her hearts have become not only her signature piece, but are favored by collectors.

Donna now lives in Loveland, Colorado, and has a private studio at her home. This has given her the freedom to explore other forms of glass work as well.

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