Arlene Fitterer

Fiber – Boxes and Postcards

Arlene’s boxes are a spontaneous creation. Each piece is formed out of fiber, beads and whatever else she can find in her studio. She likes to start with a vague idea and then look around her “stuff” to find the perfect pieces to build the boxes. This all began from an ecclesiastical design class in Chicago. The teacher wanted her to make a small mockup of what she was planning to do. These boxes sprang from her ideas generated in that unique classroom environment.

The postcards are small creations of original art, and can be mailed without envelopes with only a postcard stamp necessary.

Arlene majored in art at the St. Xavier College in Chicago and took several classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. These two experiences have given her a solid foundation in color theory and design which comes through in her fiber work.

When Arlene is not working in her studio, she can be found in her garden in Evergreen, Colorado.

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