Mary Morine

Fiber Artist – Fabric Treasure House Boxes

Mary Morine is a lifetime sewer and loves exploring what can be done with fabric and thread. Through many experiments, her Treasure House Boxes sprang forth and she is able to express the depth and flexibility of the fabric and thread. Originally, the boxes started as smaller stuffed Christmas tree ornaments and they soon evolved into functional boxes.

Mary’s love and appreciation of the creativity and workmanship expressed in crafts…especially anything fiber related…led her creating things of cloth and thread. She expresses that fascination in her Treasure House Boxes and other sewn items. The Treasure Houses are miniature boxes and sewn of an array of fabrics lace and trim and decorative machine stitchery. The box framework is “Lexan” a flexible plastic that she purchases in sheet form and cuts into the various shapes.

Mary has made over 9,000 houses in the last 40 years and they have found their way to all corners of the globe. She hopes that this special Treasure House Box brings as much enjoyment to you as it did to her creating it.

Mary also has fabric bead necklaces at the gallery.

Originally from New Jersey, Mary Morine has lived in Evergreen, Colorado for the past 42 years.

Originally there were 16 models, but as Mary is now in her 80’s, she has discontinued several and now only creates the models that are seen on this webpage. Please contact us at the gallery to see what is currently available.

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