The Evergreen Angel™

Evergreen Angel™As of June 2018, the Evergreen Angel™ is now exclusively at a new location, here at The Evergreen Gallery.

The angels can be seen at The Evergreen Gallery, or ordered online at their very own website:

You may also call to order angels. One of our lovely employees can help you out.  303-674-4871

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Evergreen Angels are Made in the USAThe Evergreen Angel Collection

Designed in Crestone, Colorado by Colorado silversmith and artist, Janet Martinez, and cast in Rhode Island in the silversmith tradition of Paul Revere, Evergreen Angels are made entirely in the USA. Since 1993, a portion of the proceeds from each sale has benefitted Mount Evans Hospice in Evergreen, Colorado. Each year, a new Evergreen Angel is unveiled at the Angel Tea, where the hospice chaplain blesses her.

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery’s founder, Virginia Haley, created the first Evergreen Angel, “Sarah,” in 1993 as a way to both honor her grandmother and offer tangible support to Mount Evans Hospice’s indispensable mission. Since becoming custodians of that worthy tradition in 2008, Barb Hadley and Phil Shanley have never ceased to marvel at the Angels’ powerful, versatile and far-reaching appeal. “Our relationship with hospice is very important to us,” says Shanley, an early board member of Mount Evans. “The Evergreen AngelTM has always been meant to benefit hospice.”

Hadley and Shanley chose to retire and as of June 2018, Beth Riser, owner of the Evergreen Gallery, has become the newest curator of the angel program. The angels can now be found in the gallery, open every day of the week, in Downtown Evergreen on the historic Main Street.

Not only are Evergreen Angels beloved locally, they are often found giving joy and comfort to hearts across the country and beyond the seas. “They fly all over the world, and people give them for all different reasons – Christmas, births, christenings, graduations, retirements and bereavements. Sometimes when you don’t know what to do, an Angel can be very comforting,” says Barb Hadley. Time and again, Evergreen Angels have served as emissaries of hope, comfort and heartfelt empathy.

Evergreen Angel Collection 2018
Gemstone Angel Collection

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