Meryl Sabeff

Handmade Functional Pottery

Meryl Sabeff, a longtime Evergreen resident and former owner of The Evergreen Gallery, creates functional pottery that is also beautifully artistic.

The entire appearance of Meryl’s pottery changes by using porcelain. The effect of color and design, the delicacy, and the translucency conspire to make her porcelain pots uniquely charismatic. She changes the surface design of her pottery even more by layering the glazes, a process which gives each piece a new depth.

Meryl treats the porcelain like a canvas to which she applies deeply brilliant colors with each stroke of her brush. The spontaneous line, form, and design that results, is what excites Meryl most about her craft.

Raised in a family of artists and business people, Meryl taught elementary school art before opening The Evergreen Gallery in 1987. She has studied with some of the finest potters in the United States, including Jim and Nan McKinnell, Mick and Sheila Casson, and Tom Coleman.

Meryl’s work has been exhibited and received awards in many of the most prestigious fine arts and craft shows in Colorado.

Meryl now resides in Golden, Colorado with her husband Pete and her many pieces of pottery.

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